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DoctorB Face Shield



B Face Shield is coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface.


Although it is not designed for healthcare or laboratory settings, B Face Shield is made of polycarbonate - a durable material used for protective goggles.


​The aerodynamic contours allows B Face Shield to be used even as a wind-deflector for cycling. 


B Face Shield is reusable.

Simply wash it thoroughly with soap and water using your hands after use on a daily basis, and dry it with soft towel.


"People are much less likely to touch their face when wearinga face shield."

- Amesh A. Adalja, M.D.,

infectious disease expert and senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security



Can I wear B Face Shield with a face mask?

Absolutely. It is designed to accommodate a face mask for those desiring ultra safety.

How much does it weigh?

69 grams. About the same as a typical pair of sunglasses. 

Does it fog up?

All B Face Shields have an anti-fog coating applied to them to minimize the nuisance of fogging and make it disappear rapidly. There are some climate conditions, however, in which it may occur. 

What is the all-over UVA/UVB coating?

This is so important, both to your eyes and to your skin, and something that quality sunglasses all have. We have included an SPF 50 rating so wearing B Face Shield is basically like putting on sunscreen on your whole face and wearing sunglasses. Full face protection.

How do I clean it?

To avoid creating surface scratches, submerge your B Face Shield in warm, soapy water to dislodge particulate matter. Adding a mild liquid dish soap reduces surface tension, and allows the soapy water to evenly disperse across the surface. A soft cloth or sponge can be used to gently clean the shield. Rinse the shield in clear water and dry with a soft cotton towel or a microfiber cloth. You can also use a minimum 70% alcohol wipe to be extra sure, but remember soap and water removes microbes on our hands, so it will work on your B Face Shield as well.

Can I wear prescription glasses with B Face Shield?

You can wear most size glasses together with your B Face Shield, though contact lenses will work best.

What are B Face Shields made from and how big are they?

B Face Shields frames are made from polycarbonate, just like your sunglass and eyeglass frames, and the shield itself is made from the same PET as most other medical grade face shields on the market. All B Face Shields are the same size: 16 x 14 cm and weigh 69 grams.


Care Instructions

• Clean with mild soap and immediately rinse with water, and dry with a soft, clean cloth. 

• We prefer to use UV light for cleaning and disinfecting to be sure that the anti-fog component will be intact. 

• Do not expose lens with any acidic or alkaline base solutions ( perfume, alcohol etc . ) for it will damage the lens, hence limit the anti-fog effect. 

• Store face shield in the special pouch provided when not in use and keep in a cool, dry place. 

• This face shield is made of polycarbonate lens, anti-fog and scratch-resistant. It also passed the pressure test. 

Execution standard: GB14866-2006 EN 166:2001 ANSIZ87.1-2015