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Doctor B G Gel is a formulated with water-based ingredients to help maintain healthy vaginal flora for genital rejuvenation and perfect balance, as well as to relieve genital dryness problems. G Gel offers a comfortable and practical application with the 3 units of disposable applicators available in its package.


  • Rejuvenates the genital area,
  • Relieves vaginal dryness problem,
  • Balances optimal vaginal pH and provides beneficial bacterial habitat,
  • Protects the vagina from harmful bacteria aftercoming out of the pool and the sea,
  • Ensures the genital area to remain in perfect balance after pregnancy, menopause andpostmenstrual period,
  • Removes the symptoms that accompany genital dryness,
  • Solves the irritation and discomfort problems in relation to odor, discharge, and scratchiness,
  • Supports a healthy genital environment,
  • Is hygienically transportable and practically applicable,
  • Provides an aesthetic, moist and odorless genital environment before sexual intercourse, and
  • Supports a healthy sexual relationship. 


There are 2 types of bacteria in the vaginal area, which we can categorize into two: useful and useless bacteria. Useful bacteria help keep the vagina healthy, while bad bacteria can disturb the balance of the vagina and render it unhealthy. The pads you use daily, synthetic underwears, clothes such as tights and tight trousers, the bacterial content of the mains water, seas and pools, especially contribute to the reproduction and growth of the bad bacteria in the flora of the vaginal area.

The highly sensitive structure of the area may lead its balanced flora found naturally in the genital regionto be easily disturbed, either as a result of not keeping it sufficiently clean or of keeping it extremely hygienic. All of these can lead to irritation and injections, and may start threatening the health of the area.

When the structure of a healthy genital area is examined, we observe that it contains large quantities of lactic acid and is thus mildly acidic, having a pH level that is between 3.8 and 4.5. This acidic environment, in fact, prevents the area from the harmful external factors and provides a natural defensive mechanism. There are factors however that disturb this balance, which are:

  • Seas and pools
  • Synthetic underwears or using pads
  • Tight clothes
  • Giving a birth
  • Period of menstruation
  • Menopause
  • Use of antibiotics 


G Gel contains lactic acid, which helps maintain the pH balance of the area. Lactic Acid ensures that the pH of the genital area remains slightly acidic and facilitates maintaining a healthy vaginal flora that is in perfect balance. G Gel supports the flora of the area even in different circumstances arising from environments such as swimming pools, seas, menstruation, pregnancy, choice of synthetic underwear or menopause. G Gel's specially designed disposable applicator ensures that the natural products G Gel contains are protected in an airless environment and that they are transferred to the area in hygienic conditions and in a practical manner. Moreover, the G Gel, which can also be used before sexual intercourse, cures the dryness problem of the area just in a matter of seconds, and creates an odorless and aesthetic environment.

 How is it used?

  • Once you have washed your hands, open the disposable product from the striped side of the package.
  • Open the second inner package, which is provided to prevent infection and to protect hygiene.
  • In order to apply the product, get in a comfortable position, either sitting or standing.
  • Remove the protective cap by twisting it 45 degrees (cleansing gel should be used immediately after removing the protective cap)
  • Place the applicator inside the area through the genital opening
  • Slowly press the applicator's piston to allow the gel to penetrate inside the area
  • Press on the pump until it stops and squeeze the cleansing gel
  • Remove the applicator and dispose it.


It is disposable product. Its unique wettrust applicator has been carefully designed for easy handling, taking Hygiene, Safety and Quality into consideration. You can carry this product in your bag and take it anywhere you want, thanks to its single-use applicator, which you can carry with you in a portable manner. You can also use it immediately before sexual intercourse. You can apply the product when lying down, standing or sitting. You can prefer whichever position you feel comfortable with.