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Kuka Peeling


Doctor B Kuka Peeling is pure silk cocoon, and it is the purest peeling product used for the removal of dead cells without harming the skin, prevention of ingrown hair problem, and skin cleaning; thanks to the organic elements in its formulation and multifunctional protective effect. 


  • Allows you apply peeling without damaging the skin
  • Repairs flaky and scabbed skin
  • Eliminates black spots
  • Effective against ingrown hair problem
  • Removes thin lines and softens the wrinkles
  • Gives a silky appearance to the skin
  • Refreshes and revives the skin
  • It is an antioxidant and it has anti-bacterial effect
  • You can use it with water


Doctor B Kuka Peeling contains pure silk cocoon, 97% natural protein and amino acids. Fibroin and Sericin proteins, which are contained in high amounts in cocoon structure, are particularly similar to human skin tissue. It is integrated into the skin without triggering any immune reactions, and leaves a silky effect. Doctor B Kuka Peeling is used to remove dead skin cells from skin without damaging the skin thanks to its organic structure and multi-functional protective effect of pure silk. Kuka Peeling, which is particularly recommended for ingrown hair problem, can be considered as the most natural cleaning product on the market thanks to its organic contents. 

Method of use:

Purge and clean your skin from make-up. Put 2 or more pieces of Doctor B Kuka Peeling pure silk cocoons in a clean, glass container. Add warm water on it. Adjust the water retention rate according to your skin sensitivity level. Doctor B Kuka Peeling will soften as long as it remains in the water. A waiting period of 2 minutes for sensitive skin and 1 minute for normal skin will suffice. Put the softened silk cocoons like a hat with your right and left index fingers. Take the water in glass bowl away. Move with small circular motions, massage, especially with more pressure on areas with problematic or black dot densities. Continue this process for about 10 minutes. After the peeling is over, wash your face with the water you have put away and leave it free to dry in your face before it is set. 


If you have a wound on your skin, do not apply the product on that zone.


You can also apply Doctor B Kuka Peeling  silk cocoons by cutting them according to your fingertips.

The water for softening the cocoons should not be warmer than 40 degrees. Excessive heat may cause deterioration of the cacoon protein structure.


You can also use Doctor B Kuka Peeling for the problem of ingrown hair formation, especially in the leg area. With the same instructions for use, you will be able to remove the problem of ingrown hair through the regular peeling of the leg area.


Doctor B Kuka Peeling is obtained from the pure silkworms of Bursa region and packed accordingly. This special product, which is 100% Turkish, contains high sericin and fibrocin proteins in its content. These two special proteins, similar to the amino acid and protein chains on the skin, are the silkworm's own product and have been used in skin care for centuries due to its 100% natural and organic structure.


100 % silkworm cocoon, Bursa


  • If your skin is sensitive, you should extend the period of keeping in warm water
  • Do not use Doctor B Kuka Peeling if you have any infected scars on your skin
  • Do not use the same silk cocoon for more than 2 times
  • In order to use the silk cocoon for a second time, wash it in warm water and dry it on a clean paper towel. Do not place it in unused Kuka Peeling jar and keep it in a separate place.