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The gourmet taste with 0.4 density rate, only 1000 pieces produced, Limited edition available only at Doctor B Store ! 


  • Contains vitamins A, D and K, mainly vitamin E
  • It is extremely effective in cell renewal
  • Tissue repair
  • Delaying the aging of organs


Doctor B LIMITED Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained by blending of different and best quality olive oils produced from special breed Turkish olives in good quality, owns "Gold Medal Olive Oil Oscar". The production of Doctor B LIMITED Natural Extra Virgin  Each year a limited number of gourmet flavors are produced. It is a valuable gift for those who want to taste gourmet delicacies with a level of 0.4 density. 

Long-lasting life force olive tree which is hard to destruct,

Olive is the fruit of this tree, and its delicious juice is olive oil... 

It is one of the oldest known healing of Asia Minor, affectionate, living in the most productive lands of Anatolia, with a dignified stance during winter and with its long-lasting life energy... Olive oil contains vitamins A, D and K, mainly vitamin E. It is extremely effective in cell renewal, tissue repair and delaying the aging of organs.

We wish that this immortal Golden Liquid becomes the flavor in your mouth, compassion in your soul and healing to your body.. 

How to Use

Once you open it, you can use it in your salads, your meals, and even experience not only the nutrition but also the hair, skin and body care without hesitation. Keep in a cool place and avoid from sun. Olive oil should be preserved in dark colored bottles. By this way it protects the nutritional value and provides the maximum benefit. Keep Doctor B LIMITED Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its own bottle and keep it tightly closed after use. The production is made entirely by mechanical methods and cold infiltration. Extra virgin olive oil combustion degree is 180 degrees. 


It is an extra virgin olive oil obtained by gathering and bottling the olive oil obtained from the olives of different regions.