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Plaxpot Multi Plasma Device


The procedure delivers plasma energy to the skin with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue due to the qualities of the plasma energy. The non-invasive Plaxpot device is the best and safest way to use this energy in aesthetics procedures. It has a wide range of therapeutic uses as the following indications among others:

⦁ İmprovement of skin elasticity
⦁ Stretch Mark reduction
⦁ Upper & Lower Eyelid skin tightening & reduction
⦁ Neck tightening
⦁ Lip Lifts
⦁ Active Acne Treatment and diminishing inflammation
⦁ Removing Wrinkles Around Eyes/Lips/face/neck
⦁ Skin Regeneration and rejuvenation
⦁ Post-Surgery Scars, keloids and acne scars
⦁ Mole Removal (Flat or Raised), skin lesions removal
⦁ Transdermal drug delivery ( no needle mesotherapy)

The Plaxpot is registered with the FDA and holds a medical CE certificate for Europe. It is one of the finest machines in the industry and delivers spectacular results that are not obtainable with an electric arc Plasma pen alone.


Please click for Plaxpot device training.