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Plaxpot Multi Plasma Device


The procedure delivers plasma energy to the skin with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue due to the qualities of the plasma energy. The non-invasive Plaxpot device is the best and safest way to use this energy in aesthetics procedures. It has a wide range of therapeutic uses as the following indications among others:

⦁ İmprovement of skin elasticity
⦁ Stretch Mark reduction
⦁ Upper & Lower Eyelid skin tightening & reduction
⦁ Neck tightening
⦁ Lip Lifts
⦁ Active Acne Treatment and diminishing inflammation
⦁ Removing Wrinkles Around Eyes/Lips/face/neck
⦁ Skin Regeneration and rejuvenation
⦁ Post-Surgery Scars, keloids and acne scars
⦁ Mole Removal (Flat or Raised), skin lesions removal
⦁ Transdermal drug delivery ( no needle mesotherapy)

The Plaxpot is registered with the FDA and holds a medical CE certificate for Europe. It is one of the finest machines in the industry and delivers spectacular results that are not obtainable with an electric arc Plasma pen alone.